Connecting Students to a Bright Future.

Nestlings is a first of its kind social networking platform founded by Sowmya Satish and Raj Shekar in 2015. Our platform has introduced a new way for students to connect with top accredited universities, jobs, internships and scholarships. We let students stay connected to mentors, recruiters, friends, alumni, former teachers, and university faculty. Nestlings eases the application process for both students and universities. Our mission is to help students achieve their career goals!

Students, Educators, Mentors and Alumni

  • Let schools come to you! Create a detailed profile with your stats and interests so universities and scholarship administrators can find you.
  • Get organized by getting and saving updates and news about events and application deadlines in one place.
  • Students and Educators can streamline the process of requesting letters of recommendation.
  • Résumé maker to organize and export your data from the cloud.
  • Accounts will always be free for individuals!

Schools and Businesses

  • Find the right students. Search by interests, grades, and test scores.
  • Universities and Schools can increase their applications by making it easier for students to apply.
  • Scholarships can easily advertise and recruit the right students to award.
  • Financial Institutions can offer loan services and lines of credit.
  • Membership is free during beta testing period. Become an early adopter and be rewarded with a free lifetime membership!

Revolutionize Education!

  • Teachers can stay in touch with their students in a professional environment, and see how their hard work has paid off!
  • Universities will save administrative costs by standardizing their application process
  • Students will find it easier to be seen and to make what matters to them known, and match with the college or program that is perfect for them.